4220-Software Engineer

Ihre Aufgaben

  • Responsible for the design of software architecture, modules, algorithms and functions. 
  • Build and maintain software development tool chain, development environments, and development processes. 
  • Undertake the detailed design and coding of the product software, and support the product MMI design. 
  • Responsible for unit testing of the software code developed to ensure that quality and performance meet the design requirements. 
  • Responsible for code commitment to the software source code management system, following the company guideline. 
  • Undertake the code design review for other software engineers. 
  • Undertake the planning and implementation of new technology research and the preparation of relevant research documents, as required. 
  • Participate in or be responsible for other related tasks as required.

Ihr Profil

  • Education background: Software or related majors, bachelor or above
  • Professional skills: 
    • C/C++, good understanding and skill of OOP on embedded system based on embedded Linux OS
    • Good (but not must) to have experiences of using Qt and QML
    • Good (but not must) to have experiences of using Scrum process
    • Good understanding of physics is a plus
  • Years of professional: having good real programming experiences, having experiences on working in Scrum team
  • Personal characters: proactive attitude, excellent spirit of team-working, truth-seeking and hard-working style

Unser Angebot

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  • 国际化的工作环境与多元化团队氛围
  • 在世界领先的公司尝试有趣并具有挑战性的工作
  • 完善的培训与职业体系

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