7934-Supply Chain Data Steward


  • Data Management SC Data Stuart manages all the Data that needs to managed in SC The Owner Ship of the following Data is part of the SBU SC Team responsibility after M500 until M800. The Data Management will be hand over to the SC Data Stuart of SC Team after Production Start. A review is necessary at M600 – the ok from the Data Stuart is required to pass M600. That ok means – all Data associated with the Project is ready and up to date in our Database. These are 
    • Configuration table – Product Definition Files – creation and organization of the Configuration Tables for each Product Line This are the main Documents to set up LMES and SAP Master Data 
    • Working Instruction management – they are up to date and stored in Document Folder All required WI Slides have to be managed 
    • Label & Document File – the L&D File is finished and stored in Document Folder This is the basic document to create the Labels, Field Values, Positioning of the Labels, and other Added Documents like DoC 
    • Safety Test Plan - is finished and stored in Document Folder All required Tests are listed with test Values, Tolerances, Connecting Schema and needed tools are listed. 
    • Weighing Performance Plan - is finished and stored in Document Folder All Weighing Performance Test which are required are stored in this document – like Tested Values, Test Positions, Test Process, Tolerances, Weights accuracy, etc. 
    • Test Driver - is finished and stored in Document Folder All SW Values which need to be tested and set are defined All Data Files which are required to manage a Products in the SC have to be stored and maintained. 
  •  Change Management Coordinator for SC aspects All Changes on Products after M500 have to be managed with an Engineering Change (EC). All Changes in the SC Process will be documented, monitored and coordinated from the SC Data Stuart. 
    • Organization of the Change Review Meeting once a week
    • Creation and Maintenance of the Change List The Engineering Change Owner is responsible for the Changes implementation according to the ECO 
  •  Support in the Projects and Daly Business with the Management Side Activities "Side Activities" require administration, changes and maintenance ? Manage the Forecast Data where required – exchange between PM's and HUB's 
    • Manage the Returns Process
    • Prepare / execute Prod. Outs 
    • Manage Spare Parts 
    • Guide Master Data Creation in the HUB's 
    • Transfer Prices – manage creation of the upload files and send it for upload 
    •  Manage Single Items extensions



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